From glass painting to illustration

Glass paintings are the basis of my work. They are originally black. After the glass painting is finished, it’s ready to edit digitally and add some colors to it (and sometimes a background). And sometimes I add some vector parts, or parts that I drew with color pencils.


Warm Winter Hugs

I made these sketches while watching it snow outside. I love winter, so it’s about time to make some winter illustrations. These two are the first of a serie called ‘Warm Winter Hugs.’











Birth announcement card!

On the 17th of october I gave birth to our second child, another lovely baby girl. Her name is Janna and we are very proud and happy parents of two lovely girls now. This is the result of the birth announcement card. In my previous blogs I already showed the sketch and the illustration I made for the card. I’m very happy with the result of the birth card.

(For the social media post I removed the adress and phone number, so there is not supposed to be an empty space on the left side of the leave 😉