Hi, I’m Lisette. I am a freelance illustrator. I blend age-old and digital crafts into fine art with a soul.

Have you ever seen some of the remarkable paintings on historical stained glass windows in a cathedral? Or a modern piece in a museum? Well, that’s what I do. I make paintings on glass, I put the glass images in the oven, I heat them up to 650 degrees, and then I photograph them to edit digitally.

I have worked in the stained glass industry for several years. The glass painting became my specialty. I loved the technique so much that I bought my own glass kiln to continue with glass painting at home. Since I discovered that I could also use the old-age technique of glass painting to make illustrations I’m totally hooked to this craft and love to turn any of my (old) drawings into glass painted artworks.

I love to draw people, nature, children, seasons (especially autumn and winter) and furry monsters. I hope you enjoy my work. You can ask me anything.