How do you create your artwork?

Is it a drawing or a painting? Often people ask me how my artwork is created, because I often use glass paintings as a base and make a combination with (colored) pencil. The glass painting techniques I use give my work a unique character and I can create textures and effects that are only possible to create on glass surfaces. After painting on glass I make photographs and edit them digitally. But I’m not always painting every detail, I sometimes use a digital ‘canvas’ that I already painted and photographed.


Are you available for commissions and collaborations by companies and magazines?

Always! Feel free to get in touch with me.


Are you available for personal commissions like birth announcements, or family portraits?

If I have the time and when it fits my style I would be happy to make you the most amazing personal artwork. Check my portfolio or blog for an example of a birth announcement card and a family portrait I recently made.


Do you sell prints of your work?

Yes I do! You can find them in my shop.


Do you offer international shipping of your products?

Yes! Check my shop for the details and costs.


Where did you learn the glass painting technique?

I studied ‘Restauration and conservation’ of painted glass and stained glass in Antwerp at ‘Hogeschool voor de kunsten.’ Before I attended this study I studied art school in ’s Hertogenbosch, but I decided I would do better in Antwerp. Why? According to one of my teachers I failed in drawing techniques because my drawings were too ‘anatomic correctly’ for the art school standards. I thought: well, that is just perfect for restauration of paintings, a dream I also had for years, next to becoming an artist. Instead I attended the glass painting study because I discovered there were also paintings on glass which needed to be restored or conserved, and from that moment whenever I visited a cathedral or church with painted stained glass windows I was amazed by the beauty of the glass painting techniques and the extra dimension the light gave to the (stained) glass paintings. So I learned the techniques, and later on I decided to use the techniques to create my own style in my artwork.