Illustration for a birth announcement card (3)


The illustration for the birth announcement card is finished after a process of digital editing and blending glass painting elements with Illustrator elements. The most fun part of the process is changing the black glass painting elements into bright and cheerful colours. I’m very happy with the result. For private reasons I removed the name on the illustration, but if you’re wondering where I will put the name: between the waterplants below in white characters.

Illustration for a birth announcement card (1)


For the design of a birth announcement card I had two keywords for the concept: nature and landscape. I did not know if the baby would be a boy or a girl. I love it that the card is not gender specific. The house of the friends who asked me to design and illustrate this card is located next to a river. I decided to use the river in my design and this is the sketch that I used for the glass painting.

City Scape

I wanted to make a cityscape illustration of my lovely hometown Utrecht for a long time and now it’s finished! I already wrote something about this project in a previous post. Except for the heads and legs – I drew them with coloured pencil – every detail is first painted on glass, burned in the oven up to 640 degrees and finally digital edited. I love how the effect of glass paintings blend with other techniques and materials.