Illustration for a birth announcement card (1)


For the design of a birth announcement card I had two keywords for the concept: nature and landscape. I did not know if the baby would be a boy or a girl. I love it that the card is not gender specific. The house of the friends who asked me to design and illustrate this card is located next to a river. I decided to use the river in my design and this is the sketch that I used for the glass painting.

City Scape

I wanted to make a cityscape illustration of my lovely hometown Utrecht for a long time and now it’s finished! I already wrote something about this project in a previous post. Except for the heads and legs – I drew them with coloured pencil – every detail is first painted on glass, burned in the oven up to 640 degrees and finally digital edited. I love how the effect of glass paintings blend with other techniques and materials.

Autumn Girl (1)

I am an autumn enthusiast. I’m looking forward to autumn the whole year and I can’t explain it. I think I love the temperature: not too cold, not too hot. I love knitwear, I love autumn fashion. I love the beautiful bright colourshades in red, orange and yellow. I love the stormy weather. Summer in Holland can be disappointing with lots of rainy days. But autumn always does what you expect of it. I love that about it. Ok, I made my point. Let’s talk about what we see here. It’s another sketch for an illustration with Autumn theme (obviously 😉 Next step is to turn this sketch into a glass painting.

A day of digital editing

A day of digital editing. Here you can see how the combination of a pencildrawing and glasspainting works out. I love it! Now that I’m finally started editing this project I noticed I need some more Dutch houses to finish this illustration. And I have to draw some trees also. Still a lot of work to do, and Autumn is coming up soon!

Dutch houses and the Dom Tower of Utrecht

One of the projects I’m working on is a cityscape of my lovely hometown Utrecht. I love the Dutch houses and the Dom tower of Utrecht. With a hight of 112 meters the Dom tower of Utrecht is the highest building of the Netherlands. Because the nave of the Dom church was collapsed during a tornado in the year 1674, the Dom tower is separated from the Gothic church since that day. In the historical center of Utrecht you see a lot of the typical Dutch houses like you see here in my illustration: