Bee friendly (2)

I still don’t know exactly what kind of donation I want to make with the proceeds of the ‘Bee friendly’ products, but I did manage to finish this illustration on time so that I can sell it as a postcard at the Swan market coming Sunday (30 juni) at Vredenburg in Utrecht. Next to the card I’m also going to sell small cotton bags with organic wildflower seeds especially for bees. These cotton bags with the flower seeds are my first products in addition to cards and prints!

Bee friendly

I love bees! I made my garden as bee friendly as possible. There are wildflowers everywhere, and I also have a bee house for the solitary bees. It makes me so happy to see these litte buzzing friends in our garden all the time.

I enjoy seeing how they can crawl all the way into a flower with pollen everywhere on their fur. My youngest daughter, 1.5 years old, is often looking at it and pointing and laughing. And a few days ago, a swarm of honey bees landed in a tree across the street. At that time I decided that I want to do more to help the bees. I decided to make a series of cards and a few products called ‘bee friendly’, and I want to donate the proceeds to a foundation that is committed to bees. How and in what way I do not know exactly. Maybe in the next post.


Since we moved to our new home in Bunnik (it’s a house with a lovely garden) I’m suddenly into gardening. I LOVE gardening and although the garden is already very pretty there is much work to do to change the character of the garden from ornamental into a more natural garden that is useful for insects and birds. So I decide to illustrate a gardening scene, and the sketch is now ready.

Spring Girl

Here is Spring Girl, my most recent piece. I had the idea to make a seasonal set for a long time after I made Autumn Girl. And because Spring season is coming I suddenly felt the urge to create a Spring version of Autumn Girl. Last week I asked a shop owner of a stationery store near my house if she would be interested to sell some of my postcards. I’m lucky because she likes my work and she had the idea of selling four of my cards, and Spring Girl will be one of them, next to Autumn Girl, Coffee Please and one of the Vintage Swimming cards. I’m so excited that my cards will be available in the shop soon.

A family portrait

The family portrait I was working on is finished! The portrait is located at the beautiful centre of Utrecht: Janskerkhof. It’s known for the flower market on saturday’s. I like to tell a story as simple as possible. So there is a lot of negative space in my work, even though some of the elements are quite realistic and detailed. The Dom tower, which is also shown in this family portrait is the most recognizable building for the city of Utrecht.